New Year, New Theme, New Resolutions, Same Bluebird.

As the randomizer often mentions, it’s probably the traffic that one attracts that is the biggest motivation to blog besides wanting an outlet to write, vent, opinionate and all that. Obviously I have nil traffic right now, but I hope this changes this year. I have been meaning to write for a while (almost a year *sigh*) now, and an afternoon without really the inclination to do the gazillion things that school demands was motivation enough to re-vitalize my Qi and wake up the Bluebird. Therefore, a little late in the new year with a new theme, I resolve to blog (in?)frequently.

Loath to say ‘resolutions’, some of the things that I would like to be doing this year are:

Buy a good backpack | Make a trip to LA, New York City, Grand Canyon | Use weekends productively | Learn a little about music | Sky dive | Jet Ski | Get an exercise routing.

Besides the above, my target for the year 2008, the one thing that I will concentrate and try to learn most about will be art. Just recently I realized that I have been interested in art for the longest time , but I don’t really *know* much about it’s history, forms, techniques etc., atleast not in any commendable detail.

Last, but not the least, is to keep this blog rolling. =)