The problem that is the city

The last couple of weeks have breezed by without deciding which city to move to after graduation. Between the Bourne Ultimatum (oooh.. Matt Damon! But, my lusting in another post)-Harry Potter and gourmet food, I didn’t get the chance to sit on the potty long enough to think about it. My readership is almost non-existent, but it would have been nice to read opinions on this post.

My choices are Houston, Chicago and New York. Lets begin with Houston. Would I like to be addressed as ‘Howdy, bluebird’ for a long, Long time? Do I want to save the monies by not paying any state tax or city tax or exorbitant-any-tax? Pros: Money, space, cheap housing, proximity to Austin, location on the map making it feasible to travel on work to either coast, friendly people in general and most importantly, half my life. Cons: A vast suburbia, not a pretty city, Texan drawl, questions of ‘can the night-life sustain me for over a year?’ and ‘is there anything to do besides the museums and Astros?’.

Next, Chicago. Five days in the Windy City and it’s my kinda place. Pros: Cool metropolitan, umpteen things to do, places to go, liberal, changing seasons, and good public transport. Cons: Brutal winters, barely five months of summer, and I hardly know anyone to ‘hang out with’… my biggest concern being the winters and not the people or lack of.

New York.

“…These vagabond shoes
Are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it
New York, New York…”

Sinatra’s verse is my only explanation for wanting to move to New York. Heh. From what I’ve heard it’s a dirty city, I probably will not have any savings at all, will absolutely miss life back in Houston, live in a matchbox and travel in the subway that will always be overcrowded, and barely be able to indulge in gourmet food that I have not cooked myself. But, it’s New York!

I need to plan a trip to the city before I decide to move in. A friend who did his internship in the city this summer very succinctly disowned New York. He never wants to go back. Ha. I should maybe plan my office visit here… I loved Bangalore, Mumbai, and I suspect I am going to feel like-wise about New York.  But I’ll never know until I move in, will I?


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