Materialistic cravings and other things

I want a bike. An Aprilia Shiver 750… THE Aprilia Shiver 750. I also want to live in Manhattan and run an art store in San Fransisco. And own a 50″ HDTV, an x-Box 360 and Burnout revenge. I want to wear the Dior evening gown…all five foot-two inches of me, the one on the mannequin at the Galleria, with the metallic-Manolo Blahnik-sandals and the Armani crocodile-stamped hobo to dinner in Venice.

I want to go sky diving in Oahu and scuba diving in Mauritius. I want to kayak down east islands and explore the amazon forests. Maybe pilot a plane and live a while in the African Jungles. I want a studio with three easels, seven canvases, Kolinsky sabel brushes, and oil paints, sunlit through French windows. Perhaps a bed on the floor with a view of Manhattan’s skyline. And ofcourse, I want to try every cocktail in world.

Now, the next thing I have to have in place is a game plan.


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  1. Only the evening gown is a surprise.. the blog theme too kind of.. though nice one.. 🙂
    looks like not enough of the girl within was revealed until after the flight across the seven seas… 🙂

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